Collection: Epoxy Pens

Pen turn-around time is 1-2 weeks. These are all made to order and time to be made and shipped out will depend on design choices.
 All pens are made with high quality glitter and sealed with a glass-like epoxy that is FDA compliant. Pens are Ink joy 0.7mm gel pens and are refillable. 
**DO NOT THROW AWAY, PENS ARE REFILLABLE** refills are available for purchase under the "Pen Refill" listing.
Items are hand made with care and may have small imperfections. I only send out products that I would feel comfortable using myself.
While epoxy is durable, it is not shatter proof. Please handle with care. Refer to the care card provided for additional information on how to care for your item.
FOR PERSONALIZATION: **It is very important that you double check the information and spelling for personalization, mockups will not be sent unless you order a custom pen or request a mockup be sent**